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property, house in ALEKOVO, SILISTRA, Bulgaria

- old house
- north east Bulgaria
- 4,500 sqm land


€ 3,30030-10-2020
property, house in BEZHANOVO, DOBRICH, Bulgaria

- 2 bed house
- 1000 sqm plot
- 15 km. to sea


€ 3,40024-10-2020
property, house in GARVAN, SILISTRA, Bulgaria

- 3 bed house
- 4 km to river Danube
- 5K GBP income from trees


€ 9,80030-10-2020
property, house in PLENIMIR, DOBRICH, Bulgaria

- 100 sqm 2 bed 2 bath
- 1300 sqm garden
- 7 km General Toshevo


€ 31,90022-07-2020
property, house in SMIN, DOBRICH, Bulgaria

- 2 old stone buildings
- 3,800 sqm land
- 9 km to beach


€ 9,50030-10-2020
property, house in LEVSKI, VARNA, Bulgaria

- character stone house
- 1675 sqm land
- 20 km. to Varna


€ 32,90016-10-2020
property, house in DROPLA, DOBRICH, Bulgaria

- 145 sqm, 2 houses
- Furnished, 1850 sqm land
- 23 km from Balchik, sea


€ 36,50010-10-2020
property, house in PRESELENTSI, DOBRICH, Bulgaria

- 105 sqm Furnished house
- 1600 sqm garden
- 38 km to sea


€ 25,90025-10-2020
property, house in GARCHINOVO, TARGOVISHTE, Bulgaria

- 100 sqm house
- central Bulgaria
- genuine bargain


€ 3,50025-10-2020

Bulgarian Properties

OK Bulgaria - UK based and operated Estate Agency. 26,000+ Houses for sale in Bulgaria - 10.2020. Bulgarian Properties on and close to Black Sea coast, houses in ski resorts, houses in and around Sofia, in mountains, rural properties in Bulgarian countryside, smallholding, etc.

02.2015 - Bulgarian Properties iPhone app now available to download from the App Store

You can use our Bulgarian Property Interactive Map to search for houses in Bulgaria. You can drag the map, zoom in and out and click on the red markers for description.

700+ stone character properties in Rhodope mountains, most of then have scenic views at Rhodope mountains.

Buying Bulgarian property is the right move now as the prices are very low.

If you do not find what you are looking for just Contact Us, and we will do our best to locate an apartment based on your requirements.

Many of our houses are a eBay Bulgarian houses type at a price of less then 5000 GBP.
We have our channel on YouTube (houses in Bulgaria) where you can see a number of videos of the houses we sell in Bulgaria.

Why buy a house in Bulgaria?

Being just about 3 hours flight from UK, Bulgaria is closer then you might think. Since 01.01.2007 when Bulgaria joined European Union, many low cost carriers are adding flights to Bulgaria WizzAir, JesyJet, just to name a few.
In less then 4 hours you could be enjoying the sun and water on the beach or sliding on the ski slops.

Do I need to set up a company in Bulgaria when buying a house in Bulgaria?

Starting 04.2012, there is NO need to register company in Bulgaria if you hold an EU passport.
Even if buying more then 1 property then you still do not need to set up a company as long as you have an EU passport.

What are the additional (hidden) costs of buying a house in Bulgaria?

As a buyer of a real estate property you will have some additional costs connected with purchasing of the property:

1. Agency commission - it is 3 percents of the property price and it is not less than 500 EUR.
It should be paid at the moment of signing of the Preliminary contract.

2. State taxes and notary fees they should be paid at the moment of signing of the Final contract (New Title deeds).
State taxes are set by the local municipality and may vary depending on the location of the property. Usually they are between 3-4 percents of the property price.
Notary fees also vary depending on the price of the property but they can not exceed 3000 levs (1540 EUR).

3. 04.2012 Company registration is NO more needed for buyers coming from EU.

Can I finance my purchase of a house in Bulgaria?

Note that all sales are cash - ONLY.
There is no available financing when buying a house in Bulgaria.

Can I pay monthly when buying a house in Bulgaria?

Yes, many of the houses in Bulgaria for sale can be paid monthly.
Period could be 3,6 or 12 months. Please send an email about an individual property.

Sell Property in Bulgaria?

We can list your property in Bulgaria for free on 5 web sites.  Fill the form (in Bulgarian):

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Just email us with the information about your Bulgarian Property: [email protected]

To phone in Bulgaria: 0879036885

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