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Burgas Province

Burgas province has a territory of 7748 and it is the second largest province in Bulgaria. There are 415,819 people living in Burgas province as of 2011.

Burgas province is located in south east Bulgaria and borders Turkey on the south and Black Sea on the east.
Burgas province also borders Varna, Shumen, Sliven and Yambol provinces.

In Burgas province there are many sea resorts and towns, which attract thousands of tourist every summer.
The biggest resort in Burgas province is Sunny Beach, just north of the town of Nesebar.

Strandzha (Strandja) is a mountain range in Burgas province and Turkey. Highest peak on Bulgarian territory is Golyamo Gradishte  - 710 m or 2,329 ft. The area of Strandzha Mountains is approximately 10,000 km2 (3,861 sq mi).

Burgas province has a subtropical climate that is mild with no dry season, constantly moist (year-round rainfall). Summers are hot and muggy with thunderstorms. Winters are mild with precipitation from mid-latitude cyclones. Seasonality is moderate.
On average there are 2295 hours of sunshine per year.
In winter time records indicate temperatures by day reach 7.3 degC (45.1 degF) on average falling to 0.5degC (32.9degF) overnight.
In summer average high temperatures are 26.8degC (80.2degF) and average low temperatures are 17.1degC (62.7degF).

The city of Burgas has developed a lot over the past few years and became a very modern and hospitable place to live.

Burgas province - Ethnic groups (2011 census)
  • Bulgarians: 298 128 (80,46%)
  • Turks: 49 354 (13,32%)
  • Gypsies: 18 424 (4,97%)
  • Others and indefinable: 4 638 (1,25%)
A further 45,000 persons in Burgas Province did not declare their ethnic group at the 2011 census.

Burgas province has 13 municipalities:
Aytos municipality, Burgas municipality, Kameno municipality, Karnobat municipality, Malko Tarnovo municipality, Nesebar municipality, Pomorie municipality, Primorsko municipality, Ruen municipality, Sozopol municipality, Sredets municipality, Sungurlare municipality, Tsarevo municipality.

Aytos Municipality, Burgas

Aytos Municipality is in Burgas province.  It has a population of 26,014 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 13,847 , Turks: 8,766 , Gypsies: 3,101 , Others 77 , Indefinable: 223

  • Aytos (B:12023, T:2997, G:2372, O:50, I:145)
  • Cherna Mogila (B:0, T:335, G:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Chernograd (B:83, T:374, G:59, O:0, I:4)
  • Chukarka (B:5, T:382, G:220, O:0, I:4)
  • Dryankovets (B:35, T:120, G:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Karageorgievo (B:17, T:1249, G:71, O:0, I:0)
  • Karanovo (B:325, T:0, G:4, O:0, I:0)
  • Lyaskovo (B:127, T:0, G:0, O:3, I:0)
  • Maglen (B:41, T:832, G:266, O:0, I:11)
  • Malka Polyana (B:292, T:650, G:0, O:12, I:5)
  • Peshtersko (B:28, T:694, G:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Pirne (B:480, T:13, G:104, O:0, I:0)
  • Polyanovo (B:13, T:357, G:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Raklinovo (B:9, T:131, G:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Sadievo (B:360, T:0, G:4, O:0, I:0)
  • Topolitsa (B:13, T:357, G:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Zetyovo (B:0, T:2167, G:0, O:0, I:0)


Burgas Municipality, Burgas

Burgas Municipality is in Burgas province. It has a population of 191,653 as of 2011.
Bulgarians: 179,383 , Turks: 6,264 , Gypsies: 3,871 , Others 1,407 , Indefinable: 728



Kameno Municipality, Burgas

Kameno Municipality is in Burgas province. It has a population of 9,200 as of 2011.
Bulgarians: 7,989 , Turks: 327 , Gypsies: 654 , Others 147 , Indefinable: 83

  • Kameno (Bulgarians:3383, Turks:32, Gypsies:379, O:46, I:62)
  • Cherni Vrah (Bulgarians:0, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Jelyazovo (Bulgarians:35, Turks:152, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Konstantinovo (Bulgarians:313, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:12, I:0)
  • Krastina (Bulgarians:160, Turks:0, Gypsies:111, O:0, I:12)
  • Livada (Bulgarians:256, Turks:5, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Polski Izvor (Bulgarians:420, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:11, I:0)
  • Rusokastro (Bulgarians:1032, Turks:75, Gypsies:41, O:9, I:0)
  • Svoboda (Bulgarians:211, Turks:43, Gypsies:120, O:0, I:0)
  • Troyanovo (Bulgarians:601, Turks:18, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Trastikovo (Bulgarians:369, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:14)
  • Vinarsko (Bulgarians:430, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:40, I:0)
  • Vratitsa (Bulgarians:94, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


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