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Varna Province

Varna Province is in northeastern Bulgaria, bordering Black Sea on the east, Dobrich province on the north, Shumen province on west and Burgas province to the south.

Varna province covers 3819.5 square kilometres.

Varna region is hilly and along the rivers Kamchia and Provadiyska - flat. The seashore in Varna province has wide stripes of sand beaches as well as mountain slopes and terraces. The coastline is shaped by the bays of Varna, Kamchia and Sveti Yani as well as cape Galata. The area is rich in mineral water. There are 2 lakes - Varna and Beloslav, which are connected in 1923 by a canal.

Varna district has a humid subtropical climate, with maritime and continental influences. Summer begins in early May and lasts till early October. Temperatures in summer usually vary between 18 degC and 21 degC in the night and 25–35 degC during the day. Seawater temperature during the summer months is usually around 23–27 degC.
In winter temperatures are about 0 degrees at night and 5-10 degC during day. Snow is possible in December, January, February and very rarely in March. Snow falls in winter only a few times and melts down fast. The highest temperature recorded is 41.0 degC and the lowest -19.0 degC.

There are a number of sea side resorts in Varna district on long and wide beaches.

The main city of Varna has a population of 311,200 people as of 2011.

Here is a video of the city of Varna:

Ethnic groups as of 2011 census:

  • Bulgarians: 371 048 (87.33%)
  • Turks: 30 469 (7.17%)
  • Gypsies: 13 432 (3.16%)
  • Others and indefinable: 9 944 (2.34%)
  • 50,000 people in Varna Province did not declare their ethnic group at the 2011 census

Varna province has 12 municipalities with a total population of 474,344 as of 2011.

Aksakovo municipality, Beloslav municipality, Byala municipality, Devnya municipality, Dolni Chiflik municipality, Dalgopol municipality, Provadia municipality, Suvorovo municipality, Varna municipality, Vetrino municipality, Valchi Dol municipality.


Aksakovo municipality, Varna

Aksakovo municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 18,173 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 14,284 , Turks: 316 , Gypsies: 2,309 , Others: 1,071 , Indefinable: 193

  • Aksakovo (Bulgarians:6754, Turks:89, Gypsies:37, O:48, I:41)
  • Botevo (Bulgarians:150, Turks:9, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Dobrogled (Bulgarians:233, Turks:4, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • General Kantardjievo (Bulgarians:377, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:8, I:0)
  • Ignatievo (Bulgarians:2057, Turks:76, Gypsies:450, O:752, I:42)
  • Izvorsko (Bulgarians:216, Turks:0, Gypsies:518, O:14, I:0)
  • Kichevo (Bulgarians:911, Turks:4, Gypsies:0, O:8, I:4)
  • Kliementovo (Bulgarians:175, Turks:4, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Krumovo (Bulgarians:153, Turks:15, Gypsies:0, O:4, I:0)
  • Kumanovo (Bulgarians:203, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Lyuben Karavelovo (Bulgarians:214, Turks:13, Gypsies:1065, O:169, I:72)
  • Novakovo (Bulgarians:62, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Oreshak (Bulgarians:263, Turks:3, Gypsies:0, O:7, I:0)
  • Osenovo (Bulgarians:261, Turks:6, Gypsies:0, O:20, I:0)
  • Pripek (Bulgarians:105, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Radevo (Bulgarians:30, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Slanchevo (Bulgarians:476, Turks:45, Gypsies:190, O:4, I:8)
  • Vaglen (Bulgarians:721, Turks:3, Gypsies:52, O:18, I:6)
  • Voditsa (Bulgarians:200, Turks:4, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Yarebichna (Bulgarians:181, Turks:4, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Zasmyano (Bulgarians:76, Turks:28, Gypsies:40, O:0, I:0)
  • Zornitsa (Bulgarians:117, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


Avren municipality, Varna

Avren municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 8,165 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 5,437 , Turks: 1,502 , Gypsies: 902 , Others: 130 , Indefinable: 194

  • Avren (Bulgarians:569, Turks:55, Gypsies:15, O:4, I:19)
  • Benkovski (Bulgarians:243, Turks:230, Gypsies:45, O:11, I:3)
  • Bliznatsi (Bulgarians:706, Turks:15, Gypsies:7, O:0, I:0)
  • Bolyartsi (Bulgarians:60, Turks:63, Gypsies:0, O:4, I:29)
  • Dabravino (Bulgarians:416, Turks:938, Gypsies:7, O:9, I:5)
  • Dobri Dol (Bulgarians:17, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Kazashka Reka (Bulgarians:214, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Kitka (Bulgarians:178, Turks:43, Gypsies:3, O:0, I:0)
  • Krusha (Bulgarians:57, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Priseltsi (Bulgarians:1035, Turks:18, Gypsies:31, O:23, I:4)
  • Ravna Gora (Bulgarians:103, Turks:9, Gypsies:21, O:0, I:0)
  • Sadovo (Bulgarians:142, Turks:43, Gypsies:0, O:4, I:4)
  • Sindel (Bulgarians:431, Turks:15, Gypsies:592, O:3, I:8)
  • Trastikovo (Bulgarians:337, Turks:41, Gypsies:86, O:26, I:109)
  • Tsarevtsi (Bulgarians:530, Turks:29, Gypsies:90, O:0, I:0)
  • Yunak (Bulgarians:114, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:3, I:0)
  • Zdravets (Bulgarians:285, Turks:0, Gypsies:5, O:0, I:8)


Beloslav municipality, Varna

Beloslav municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 9,962 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 8,727 , Turks: 760 , Gypsies: 64 , Others: 255 , Indefinable: 156

  • Beloslav (Bulgarian:6534, Turks:111, Gypsies:55, O:249, I:138)
  • Ezerovo (Bulgarian:876, Turks:6220, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Razdelna (Bulgarian:461, Turks:4, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Strashimirovo (Bulgarian:856, Turks:23, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


Byala municipality, Varna

Byala municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 2,897 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 2,458 , Turks: 308 , Gypsies: 103 , Others: 18 , Indefinable: 10

  • Byala (Bulgarians:1935, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:13, I:138)
  • Dyulino (Bulgarians:240, Turks:4, Gypsies:39, O:0, I:0)
  • Goritsa (Bulgarians:80, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Gospodinovo (Bulgarians:143, Turks:116, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Popovich (Bulgarians:0, Turks:181, Gypsies:53, O:0, I:0)
  • Samotino (Bulgarians:2, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


Devnya municipality, Varna

Devnya municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 7,921 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 6,459 , Turks: 658 , Gypsies: 525 , Others: 154 , Indefinable: 125

  • Devnya (Bulgarians:5802, Turks:625, Gypsies:519, O:149, I:122)
  • Kipra (Bulgarians:391, Turks:3, Gypsies:0, O:5, I:0)
  • Padina (Bulgarians:266, Turks:30, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


Dolni Chiflik municipality, Varna

Dolni Chiflik municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 15,315 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 11,127 , Turks: 3,298 , Gypsies: 400 , Others: 250 , Indefinable: 240

  • Dolni Chiflik (Bulgarians:4213, Turks:592, Gypsies:56, O:140, I:209)
  • Bulair (Bulgarians:4, Turks:138, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Bardarevo (Bulgarians:70, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Detelina (Bulgarians:321, Turks:405, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Golitsa (B:573, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Goren Chiflik (Bulgarians:785, Turks:234, Gypsies:9, O:0, I:0)
  • Grozdyovo (Bulgarians:1047, Turks:1020, Gypsies:227, O:9, I:9)
  • Krivini (Bulgarians:94, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Nova Shipka (Bulgarians:216, Turks:7, Gypsies:17, O:0, I:0)
  • Novo Oryahovo (Bulgarians:192, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:5, I:0)
  • Pchelnik (Bulgarians:1035, Turks:431, Gypsies:0, O:20, I:0)
  • Rudnik (Bulgarians:432, Turks:11, Gypsies:13, O:0, I:0)
  • Shkorpilovtsi (Bulgarians:463, Turks:72, Gypsies:56, O:0, I:0)
  • Solnik (Bulgarians:2060, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Staro Oryahovo (Bulgarians:1202, Turks:26, Gypsies:7, O:63, I:8)
  • Venelin (Bulgarians:236, Turks:3570, Gypsies:10, O:0, I:0)
  • Yunets (Bulgarians:38, Turks:5, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


Dalgopol municipality, Varna

Dalgopol municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 12,573 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 5,755 , Turks: 5,918 , Gypsies: 685 , Others: 22 , Indefinable: 193

  • Dalgopol (Bulgarians:3308, Turks:120, Gypsies:129, O:7, I:23)
  • Arkovna (Bulgarians:73, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Asparuhovo (Bulgarians:604, Turks:23, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Boryana (Bulgarians:226, Turks:3, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Kamen Dyal (Bulgarians:36, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Komunari (Bulgarians:106, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Krasimir (Bulgarians:87, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Lopushna (Bulgarians:21, Turks:731, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:143)
  • Medovets (Bulgarians:11, Turks:1697, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Partizani (Bulgarians:203, Turks:834, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Polyatsite (Bulgarians:17, Turks:838, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Royak (Bulgarians:0, Turks:268, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Sava (Bulgarians:202, Turks:9, Gypsies:14, O:0, I:0)
  • Sladka Voda (Bulgarians:44, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Tsonevo (Bulgarians:690, Turks:1359, Gypsies:168, O:5, I:9)
  • Velichkovo (Bulgarians:124, Turks:35, Gypsies:372, O:0, I:0)


Provadiya municipality, Varna

Provadiya municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 19,556 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 13,220 , Turks: 2,418 , Gypsies: 3,381 , Others: 90 , Indefinable: 447

  • Provadiya (Bulgarians:8562, Turks:1510, Gypsies:734, O:36, I:287)
  • Blaskovo (Bulgarians:507, Turks:44, Gypsies:610, O:3, I:5)
  • Bozveliysko (Bulgarians:757, Turks:74, Gypsies:448, O:3, I:15)
  • Barzitsa (Bulgarians:122, Turks:16, Gypsies:5, O:0, I:0)
  • Chayka (Bulgarians:64, Turks:6, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Cherkovna (Bulgarians:199, Turks:0, Gypsies:6, O:0, I:0)
  • Chernook (Bulgarians:45, Turks:222, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Dobrina (Bulgarians:208, Turks:0, Gypsies:9, O:0, I:0)
  • Gradinarovo (Bulgarians:139, Turks:220, Gypsies:635, O:0, I:0)
  • Hrabrovo (Bulgarians:119, Turks:61, Gypsies:26, O:0, I:0)
  • Jitnitsa (Bulgarians:282, Turks:3, Gypsies:95, O:0, I:0)
  • Kiten (Bulgarians:34, Turks:16, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Komarevo (Bulgarians:307, Turks:0, Gypsies:89, O:3, I:0)
  • Krivnya (Bulgarians:239, Turks:9, Gypsies:132, O:0, I:0)
  • Manastir (Bulgarians:260, Turks:64, Gypsies:71, O:0, I:0)
  • Nenovo (Bulgarians:47, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Ovchaga (Bulgarians:25, Turks:6, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Petrov Dol (Bulgarians:345, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:10, I:0)
  • Ravna (Bulgarians:148, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Slaveykovo (Bulgarians:132, Turks:238, Gypsies:3, O:0, I:0)
  • Snejina (Bulgarians:68, Turks:78, Gypsies:448, O:0, I:0)
  • Staroselets (Bulgarians:60, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Tutrakantsi (Bulgarians:195, Turks:3, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Venchan (Bulgarians:210, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:26)
  • Zlatina (Bulgarians:146, Turks:42, Gypsies:67, O:0, I:0)


Suvorovo municipality, Varna

Suvorovo municipality is in Varna province. It has a population of 5,798 as of 2011.

Bulgarians: 3,805 , Turks: 1,288 , Gypsies: 316 , Others: 77 , Indefinable: 312

  • Suvorovo (Bulgarians:2,084, Turks:959, Gypsies:195, O:44, I:285)
  • Banovo (Bulgarians:77, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Chernevo (Bulgarians:771, Turks:149, Gypsies:69, O:10, I:10)
  • Drandar (Bulgarians:0, Turks:162, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Izgrev (Bulgarians:141, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Kalimantsi (Bulgarians:200, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)
  • Levski (Bulgarians:156, Turks:8, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:11)
  • Nikolaevka (Bulgarians:353, Turks:10, Gypsies:52, O:13, I:5)
  • Prosechen (Bulgarians:21, Turks:0, Gypsies:0, O:0, I:0)


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