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7067 sq.m plot with project for 23 houses, in Rhodope Mountains


€ 120,000
€ 155,90021-12-2018
€ 120,00014-04-2019
, £ 100,056 -23%
For Sale
ID: ZF6420
Type: Land - for building
Land: 7067 sq.m.
Location: In Rhodope Mountains
km. to sea: 135
village: MOMCHILOVTSI (pop. 1265) - 41 properties
average price in MOMCHILOVTSI - £ 33517
SMOLYAN Province - 946 properties
average price in SMOLYAN Province - £ 30230
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7067 sq.m plot with a project of a holiday village
The project includes:

  • 23 houses
  • 1 office building

An architectural project is available , with a total area of Buildings 3043 sq.m , all types of building permits , roads and geological surveys .


  • Plovdiv Airport - 85 km
  • Pamporovo - 15 km
  • Aegean Sea - 135 km

Momchilovtsi is surrounded by pine forests and is known for its clear, unpolluted air which is particularly beneficial to anyone suffering from respiratory illnesses. Safe and friendly village lifestyle with an abundance of organic foods and local produce.

Momchilovtsi has something for everyone throughout the four seasons of the year: guided walking & hiking, mountain biking, climbing, trekking, fishing, off-road adventures with many places of interest to visit.

Pamporovo is the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria and lies in the heart of the stunning pine forests of the Rhodope Mountains. The majestic Snezhanka Tower is visible from the house and although Pamporovo is only 6km away, by road it is approximately 16 km by road and 17 km to Chepelare.

Momchilovtsi offers many leisure and sporting activities the most popular of which is The Fun (Snowboard) Park at Kartola which is located just outside the village of Momchilovtsi.
The Fun Park is the perfect place to test and improve your skills or simply enjoy the winter fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding, skidoo-ing in wide open spaces and snow trekking through the forests. There are also many summer-time activities and fun such as climbing, mountain biking, walking, hiking, trekking and paint balling and much more.

The Fun Park has many amenities such as hire of ski boots, skis and poles, skidoos and tuition can be arranged. It also has its own cafe with hot and cold refreshments. The views from the top of Kartola are spectacular and breathtaking over the surrounding forests and mountains. It is also a wonderful place for families with children to have fun playing in the snow.

The opening of Plovdiv Airport and the new road project from Plovdiv to Greece now means that the journeys to Momchilovtsi from Plovdiv, and from Momchilovtsi to Greece, will be approx 1.5-2 hours each

Whether you are looking for an outdoor activities holiday, artistic inspiration or simply rest and relaxation and an escape from everyday life Momchilovtsi and Four Seasons Retreat has it all.

Located in the heart of the one of the greenest and most picturesque Rhodope Mountains lies the village of Momchilovtsi, a popular ethnographic centre that has preserved its original folklore, traditions and crafts.

  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Tourist information centre
  • Post office
  • Shops with local organic produce
  • Medical centre
  • Museum, Churches and Monasteries
  • Local traditions and festival
  • ATM in Village Centre
  • The Tourist Information Centre

Momchilovtsi is now open for postcards, local arts and crafts such as woodcarvings and tiles painted by the local children. It is located in the Cultural Centre next to the Municipality Building and opposite the main Church.

Food & Local Cuisine:
Bulgarian cuisine is a mixture of Greek, Turkish and Slavonic influences. We sample many traditional specialties including ‘smilyanski fasul’, a delicious bean soup and ‘patatnik’, a local delicacy made with grated potatoes, onions, milk, cheese and seasoned with mint. Eggs and cheese are a staple part of the local cuisine, in particular 'sirene' a local feta-type cheese.

The unique hospitality of the local people, who are very friendly and helpful and the delicious local cuisine, attract many of those who have decided to spend a holiday in Momchilovtsi and the Rhodope Mountains.

Shops can be found on almost every street in the village. They are small but sell almost everything. There is an abundance of fresh seasonal fruit, salad and vegetables in the shops and also in the market which is located in the centre of the village.
Local Churches and Places of Interest to visit in Momchilovtsi

The religion in the village is Christian Orthodox and it is surrounded by 24 churches all of different ages and sizes. They are open 24 hours a day and each one is maintained by the families of the village.

The churches are centres for celebrations, contemplation and a booklet is being printed to show the location and walks linking them. On the two highest points of the village there are two crosses approximately 10' high which are lit up at night to protect the village from harm.

In the centre of the village is a large, very old Church. They also provide interesting places to walk to and sit by to view the surrounding areas and the village (Image: St Elena and St Konstantin Church in Momchilovtsi Centre)


  • 10 km. to ski centre Kartola
  • 15 km. to Smolyan
  • 18 km. to ski resort Pamporovo
  • 20 km. to ski resort Chepelare
  • 30 km. to SPA resort Banyte
  • 60 km. to Greece
  • 80 km. to Plovdiv airport
  • 150 km. to Aegean Sea in Greece
  • 240 km. to Sofia airport

  • All bulgarian properties have electricity.
  • About 98 percents of all bulgarian properties have access to running water, except some small remote bulgarian villages up in the mountains.
  • All bulgarian houses in the villages have a septic tank, central sewage system is available only in a few very large villages.
  • All properties have access to internet.
  • There is at least one village shop in every village in Bulgaria, except some small remote villages up in the mountains.
  • Selling price is Euro, not pounds. GBP price is for reference only and can vary daily.
  • All properties in Bulgaria can be purchased remotely or directly from UK, without visiting Bulgaria.

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