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Rhodope Mountain

Rhodope (Rodopi) Mountains are a mountain range in Bulgaria and some in Greece. Golyam Perelik -2,191 meters is the highest peak in Rhodope Mountains.
The area of the mountains is 14,735 (5,689 sq mi), about 240 kilometers in length and about 110 kilometres wide. Average altitude is 785 meters.


Pamporovo ski resort

Being in southern Europe, the climate is very mild and hot in the summers.

The climate in the Rhodope Mountains varies from mountain (to the West) and continental mediterranean (in the lowest and most Southern parts), with average annual temperatures from 5 degC to 12 degC and average January temperatures from -1.5 degC to -6 degC.

The highest ski resort is Pamporovo, located in a densely forested area, boasting snow sometimes till late April. Pamporovo is Europes most southern ski resort.


Thracian city of Perperikon

Recently the ancient Thracian city of Perperikon was discovered:


Rhodope villages

In comparison to the other 2 mountains in Bulgaria - Rila and Pirin, which have their ski resorts and have much higher average altitude, Rhodope mountains is populated with villages and a large number of hamlets.
Visitors to Rhodope Mountains enjoy the unique traditional architecture of the Rhodope villages, like Momchilovtsi, Gela, Davidkovo, Levochevo, Pavelsko, Polkovnik Serafimovo, Shiroka Laka, among many others.
The village of Stoykite is very close to ski resort Pamporovo and just recently a new ski lift was built, which connect the village directly with ski resort Pamporovo.

Rhodope - the Mountain with a Soul

They call Rhodope Mountains - the Mountain with a Soul. Enjoy a few videos to get just glimpse of what you can discover there.

and some photos:


Properties in Rhodope Mountains

We have over 600 properties (no other real estate company in Bulgaria has that many properties for sale in Rhodope Mountains) for sale in Rhodope Mountains.  Most of it are character stone houses built 50, 100 or 200 years ago.
Some of these houses are already refurbished, but most of them require refurbishment.  We help our customers with trustworthy and reliable local builders, where the daily wage is not more than 15-20 pounds as of 06.2015.
Some of these properties are in secluded area with just a few people living in the whole hamlet. Most properties in Rhodope Mountains have scenic breathtaking views towards the mountain.

is it safe to leave your property in Rhodope Mountains?

Having bought a property in Rhodope Mountains is probably the safest place where you can buy property in Bulgaria. Many locals do not even lock their properties.
Break-ins in the region is like seeing UFO.

Smolyan Province

Smolyan Province lies in the heart of Rhodope Mountains.  It is located in southern central Bulgaria.  Smolyan Province borders Greece and the main administrative centre is the city of Smolyan.

Smolyan province has 10 municipalities:
Banite, Borino, Chepelare, Devin, Dospat, Madan, Nedelino, Rudozem, Smolyan and Zlatograd.


20 Villages in municipality Banite, Smolyan Province

Banite, Bosilkovo, Davidkovo, Debelyanovo, Dryanka, Dve Topoli, Glogino, Gulubovo, Krustatitsa, Malka Arda, Malko Krushevo, Oryahovets, Planinsko, Riben Dol, Slivka, Sturnitsa, Trave, Vishnevo, Valchan Dol, Zagrajden


5 Villages in municipality Borino, Smolyan Province

Borino, Buynovo, Kozhari, Chala, Yagodina


12 Villages in municipality Chepelare, Smolyan Province

16 Villages in municipality Devin, Smolyan Province

Devin, Beden, Breze, Churukovo, Grohotno, Gyovren, Zhrebevo, Kesten, Lyaskovo, Mihalkovo, Osikovo, Selcha, Stomanevo, Teshel, Trigrad, Vodni Pad


7 Villages in municipality Dospat, Smolyan Province

Dospat, Barutin, Brashten, Chavdar, Lyubcha, Tsrancha, Zmeitsa


44 Villages in municipality Madan, Smolyan Province

Madan, Arpadjik, Borika, Borinovo, Bukova Plyana, Bukovo, Churka, Diralo, Dolie, Gabrina, Galishte, Kasapsko, Koriite, Krayna, Krushev Dol, Kupen, Leshtak, Leska, Livade, Lovtsi, Maglishta, Mile, Mitovska, Pechinska, Petrov Dol, Planintsi, Ravni, Ravnishta, Ravno Nivishte, Rustan, Sharenska, Srednogortsi, Staychin Dol, Studena, Tankoto, Tsirka, Uruchevtsi, Varba, Vargov Dol, Vehtino, Visokite, Vranintsi, Vurbina

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